Ottawa Citizen
Monday 2 July 2001

Article wrong on pay gap

Cathy Cotton
The Ottawa Citizen

Re: 'Second-wave feminism' has conquered Canadian campuses, June 19.

Statistics Canada would like to correct a statement in the opinion article by Ilana Mercer. Referring to the earnings gap between men and women, the article said: "Statistics Canada has finally admitted the pay gap is not due to discrimination."

Statistics Canada has never attributed the wage gap to discrimination because there are no quantitative data to support such a generalized statement. Gender wage inequality is a complex issue requiring analysis from many perspectives.

In the wage gap research conducted to date by Statistics Canada, some portion of the gap has always been left unexplained. Some of this gap may be due to discrimination or other factors yet to be determined. Our analysis of this complicated subject continues.

Cathy Cotton,
Assistant director,
Income statistics division,
Statistics Canada

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