Ottawa Citizen
Wednesday 11 July 2001

Justice won't hold women-only hearings

Virginia McRae
The Ottawa Citizen

Re: Justice Department considers female-only child custody hearings, July 5 and Just say no to apartheid, July 6.

The July 5 article says the Department of Justice is considering holding separate sessions for "women's equality-seeking organizations." However, additional sessions for any one group are not under consideration and will not be held.

The consultations offered an opportunity for Canadians, including a broad range of stakeholders, to provide their views on a number of topics with respect to custody access and child support issues. In some cases, some groups chose not to attend and submitted their views in writing.

All submissions, whether received through either the in-person or written consultation process, will be considered equally.

So, there is no need to provide a separate consultation with women's groups that chose not to attend the in-person sessions.

We remain committed to ensuring that promoting the best interests of children is the primary objective of any reform in the area of family law and welcome the views of all Canadians.

Virginia McRae,

Department of Justice,

Co-chairwoman, Federal-provincial-territorial family law committee

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