Ottawa Citizen
Tuesday 24 July 2001

StatsCan openly discusses family violence data

Roy Jones
The Ottawa Citizen

Re: Women who run like wolves, July 16.

The opinion article by Ilana Mercer claims that "gender symmetry in violence between couples is as well documented as it is well concealed by agencies such as Statistics Canada."

To the contrary, we have clearly stated in our past two annual reports on family violence statistics that, according to a 1999 survey, eight per cent of women and seven per cent of men were victims of spousal violence in the preceding five years.

Over the past several years, Statistics Canada has significantly expanded its efforts to collect and report information on the incidence of domestic violence as it affects men, women and children, including broad consultations during the design of our surveys.

Increasing the sample size of surveys has permitted more detailed analysis of the characteristics of victims and offenders.

Roy Jones,
Director, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics

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