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Jul. 19, 04:27 EDT

Accused in baby-dangling case denied bail

From Canadian Press
The Toronto Star

A mother accused of hanging her 18-month-old baby girl out the window of sport utility vehicle that was travelling at about 100 kilometres an hour on the city's busiest highway was denied bail Thursday.

The judge said 26-year-old Thi Phuong Dang would stay in custody until her next court date, which might not be until early next year.

Dang is charged with causing a public nuisance and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Dang was arrested Sunday after 911 callers said they saw a baby being dangled out of a car window.

Police say a woman was fighting with a man while he was driving, rolled down the rear car window and attempted to climb out, dangling the child out into traffic on Highway 401.

As the vehicle travelled through heavy traffic other vehicles careened out of the way causing two cars to collide, police said.

There were no serious injuries.

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