Toronto Sun

Friday, July 27, 2001

Dad waits for word about son

No word from boy, 5, taken Sunday from his driveway


Bill March was sick with worry for days that something was about to happen to his son before the five-year-old was snatched away from their Cobourg home Sunday, his family said.

A week before Jonathan was taken, March's estranged wife, Kimberlie March, flew to Ontario from her Utah home and made it clear she wanted to take the boy back to the U.S., family members said yesterday.

Although the pair agreed in February that Jonathan would one day return to Utah, March, 39, reneged after Kimberlie kept delaying the return date while travelling the globe, March said.

On July 14, March told Kimberlie he had retained a lawyer to prepare for a custody battle to keep his son in Cobourg, family members said.

Kimberlie, who is a cosmetician, went to the police but without hope of a quick resolution she flew home, March said.

March said he had a feeling of dread and his uneasiness mounted as Kimberlie started making her nightly calls to Jonathan from her cell phone rather than her home line.

"He was worried sick that something was in the works, that someone would try and take Jonathan away," said Gord March, the boy's grandfather.

Last Sunday, the three had dinner together at the elder March's home.

"I remember how worried (March) was about going home that night," Gord said. "I told him to stay with me but he wouldn't. He had important things to do and he went home."

March's fears were realized minutes later after he backed his car into his driveway at 11 p.m. and unbuckled Jonathan from the car seat.

He was beaten with a shovel handle and left unconscious, covered in blood.

"But he kept beating me and kept beating on me and beat me right back into consciousness," March said yesterday.

Police have since issued arrest warrants for Kimberlie, 35, and her lover Robert Argyle, 38, who the cops believe are on the run with Jonathan in a white, Utah-registered Toyota Camry.


The pair plan to take the boy to their home in a Salt Lake City suburb, police believe, spurring the West Jordan cops in Utah to maintain 24-hour surveillance on their home and their families.

Two key tips have come to police since the story was reported this week and the cops confirmed the pair are driving a 1998 Camry with the Utah plate 289 ZZJ.

The first tip came from a gas station attendant who apparently saw Jonathan at a gas station in Mississauga Monday night. The other tip was from a Toronto off-duty cop who saw the Camry westbound on Hwy. 401 near Pickering Wednesday night.

In February, the couple separated and March took Jonathan to his Cobourg hometown for what was supposed to be a two-month stay.

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