Toronto Sun

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Missing lad in U.S.

Utah cops can't hold mom, lover


A couple wanted for allegedly assaulting a Cobourg man and taking his five-year-old boy were found in Utah yesterday but released when police here didn't have extradition paperwork ready.

Cobourg police had issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for Kimberlie March and her lover, who cops believe have been on the run since July 22 when she allegedly took her son Jonathan, following a vicious attack on her estranged husband.

She was found yesterday with lover Robert Argyle and spent hours in a West Jordan police station near Salt Lake City waiting for paperwork from Canada that never came.

"We never received anything from the Canadian courts or authorities so we had to release them," said West Jordan Capt. Gary Cox.


Kimberlie, 35, and Argyle, 38, are now staying at her mom's home with Jonathan.

Cobourg police said they will meet with a Crown attorney this morning to make decisions about possible extradition orders.

Jonathan's father, Bill March, is frustrated that the meeting and any paperwork weren't handled a week ago.

"The police in Cobourg were convinced, even up to 12 p.m., (yesterday) that the couple was still in Canada," March said.

"It's unbelievable that nothing was done before to prepare for this but we have to keep the faith that this will work out."


March was left bloodied after an the alleged July 22 attack when he said Jonathan was snatched from his side.

He hired a Utah man to watch the Salt Lake City area for a Toyota Camry spotted in the attack.

Police said it was a tip from the man in West Jordan that led them to Kimberlie and Argyle.

"I was happy to hear that Jonathan was safe but now I don't know when I'll see him again," March said. "You can't believe how frustrated that leaves me."

March separated from his wife of six years in February and planned on taking Jonathan for only two months. He said he changed his mind when Kimberlie kept delaying Jonathan's return date to Utah.

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