August 29, 2001

Pilot's Crash Into His Home Is Called Deliberate
Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H., Aug. 28 A pilot whose small plane crashed into a house was the home's owner, a medical examiner said today, adding that it appeared that the crash was deliberate.

The pilot, Louis W. Joy III, was killed when his plane went into a dive and slammed into the home he shared with his wife and 8-year-old daughter, said the deputy chief medical examiner, Thomas Gilson.

No one on the ground was injured when the single-engine Socata Trinidad struck the house on Saturday. The authorities said Mr. Joy's wife, Jo, who had obtained a restraining order against him the day before the crash, was staying at a hotel with her daughter when the crash occurred.

For days, investigators have picked through the ashes and wreckage of Mr. Joy's home, his plane and his life searching for what might have driven Mr. Joy, a successful business consultant and motivational speaker, to suicide.

On Monday, Judge William Drescher, who granted the restraining order, sealed the court documents in which Ms. Joy explained why she wanted the order.

David Lauren, Jo Joy's lawyer, read a statement from his client in which she pleaded for privacy.

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