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August 18, 2001

Kainz feeling 'emotionally crushed' by divorce case

$10M settlement sought

Joseph Brean
National Post

Alana Kainz, who is seeking the largest divorce settlement in Canada, is feeling "emotionally crushed by all the publicity" her case has drawn, she said yesterday.

In an e-mail to a journalist friend, Ms. Kainz, a former Ottawa Citizen reporter, said in order to move on with her life, she felt compelled to go to court.

"[If] that means my private hell becomes a public hell, well at least a judge will end it for me one day."

In her application for divorce from software tycoon Michael Potter, Ms. Kainz asks for a $10-million lump sum payment and monthly payments of $100,000.

Ms. Kainz, 36, accused Mr. Potter, 57, of "misrepresentation" during their three-year marriage. She claims he deceived her into having children by falsely promising a lifelong commitment, but after the birth of their second child, he told her she "was in the way of him having relationships with other women," she says.

"I did try for almost two years for an out-of-court settlement with much, much smaller numbers with a man who has unlimited money to spend on legal fees," she wrote to the Sun newspaper chain.

Ms. Kainz is demanding $5-million in damages for the alleged misrepresentation, and $5-million in support for herself and their two daughters, Michaela and Tennyson, ages four and two.

She describes the $15,000 a month in interim child support she receives from Mr. Potter, whose net worth is estimated at $745-million, as "grossly inadequate."

Financial records submitted in court by Ms. Kainz show her only other income is $150 in stock dividends. She spends more than $27,000 a month.

The previous record for a divorce settlement in Canada was the $1.3-million lump sum and $75,000 monthly payments won this year by the former wife of a Toronto-area real estate developer.

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