Ottawa Citizen
Thursday 23 August 2001

Criticism of Kainz is full of sour grapes

Letter to the Editor by Roberta Seed
The Ottawa Citizen

Re: 'Whining' Kainz has changed since 1997 and other letters, Aug. 20.

What a sanctimonious pack of letter writers pitching mud at Alana Kainz over her divorce proceedings. Ignoring the predictable insults of gold-digging, it's the sheer animosity displayed towards this woman, once placed so unreasonably high upon a pedestal, and likely by some of the same people now hissing, that's most telling.

I'm not so much interested in the over-publicized details of Ms. Kainz's pre- or post-divorce life, as I am in the full blown "sour-grapery" emerging in much of the public reaction to her now.

So Ms. Kainz married a multi-millionaire. Obviously part of the reason people marry rich people is to take a step up the economic ladder and to share the benefits. Who among the aforementioned complainers, were they so fortunate, would gladly take a sizeable reduction in lifestyle without at least putting up a fight, especially if they had two children from said union?

As for the curiously judgmental writer who persevered and graduated from the Youville Center for high school-aged single mothers, why should any kindness Ms. Kainz once showed the students there now be worthless, based on her present economic status? And how is Ms. Kainz, who decided to get married and have children in her 30s, an age when she was more likely than a teenager to support them well financially, any less of a person for now providing that support? A double standard indeed.

Roberta Seed,

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