Ottawa Citizen
Wednesday 29 August 2001

How many more Jamie Nelsons?

Nathaniel Stone
The Ottawa Citizen

Jean Levac, The Ottawa Citizen
Jamie Nelson takes a moment to reflect after seeing his accuser on Monday for the first time since he was wrongfully accused and convicted of raping her.

Re: Wrongfully convicted, Aug. 24.

The horrific wrongful conviction of Jamie Nelson, only the latest in a long string of incompetent investigations and unfair trials (the Marshall, Morin, Milgaard and Baltovich cases) inflicted on innocent people by our so-called "justice" system, leads me and no doubt millions of other Canadians to ask: How many more are there?

The answer can only be found through a royal commission that would review past cases and ensure zero tolerance for wrongful convictions in the future. Members of the commission of inquiry would have to be drawn from outside our political-legal establishment in order to have any credibility.

The massive dysfunction in our legal system needs to be corrected in a fundamental way before millions of Canadians start to ask the next question: Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

Nathaniel Stone,

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