Ottawa Citizen
Monday 20 August 2001

A better match

Letter to the Editor by Bill Harrington
The Ottawa Citizen

So Alana Kainz is looking for some $10 million up front and about $100,000 a month? Well, it only seems fair after Michael Potter spent three years subjecting her to the shame of mansions, yachts and privilege reserved only for the very rich (which, by the way, he was and she wasn't).

And after all, they were married for three months, so that's only $3.3 million a month she's looking for. What could be more fair than that? And as for the marriage contract she signed? Well, the poor baby was "under duress," so let's just forget about that.

I have an idea. Let's introduce her to Alexei Yashin. They seem to have a lot in common.

Bill Harrington,

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