Ottawa Citizen
Thursday 30 August 2001

Accuser Fordham says she'll take lie test

Woman maintains she was raped by acquitted man

Jake Rupert
The Ottawa Citizen

Cathy Fordham says she'll take a polygraph test if asked by police investigating allegations she falsely accused and committed perjury against a man.

Last week, Jamie Nelson, 34, was acquitted by the Ontario Court of Appeal, based on new information showing Ms. Fordham's word can't be relied on for any conviction.

Mr. Nelson spent 31/2 years in prison based on her word.

Ms. Fordham, 30, maintains she was raped by Jamie Nelson.

"I'll take the polygraph today," she said. Ms. Fordham has said this before.

In 1998, 21/2 years after Mr. Nelson was wrongfully convicted of raping Ms. Fordham, she accused two men of beating her. They both had alibis, but one was a less solid than the other.

Police asked this man to take a polygraph. He agreed and passed.

Then police asked Ms. Fordham to take the test. She agreed, but missed several appointments.

She never took the test and was eventually charged and convicted of making a false complaint.

A police investigation found her credibility to be extremely lacking.

Several charges she filed against other men were dropped, including charges against one man she said also raped her.

Ms. Fordham is currently before the courts on charges of making another false police complaint and uttering a death threat against a former boyfriend.

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