Note from Todd Eckert

(Todd is a leader in the PCAC group of BC one of those stalwart souls who have attended court in support of Mr. Unruh)
Sept. 4, 2001

Today myself along with ten individuals showed up wearing bright yellow t-shirts with insignia stating "FATHERS FOR JUSTICE" before Justice Hunter in support of Jeff Unruh of Farmington B.C. The T's stand out! When the Judge walked in he took a second look!

Support still continues to grow for Jeff Unruh with a published letter to the Kamloops Daily News today.

Mr Unruh was picked up on charges of "Possible Contempt of a Court Order" in Fort Nelson with respect to spousal and child support. The Court (Hunter) called it Contempt and sentenced him indefinitely. Does debtors jail exist once again? Mr Unruh has to reappear before the court every 7 days as per BC Supreme Court Rule # 56(13). Today was actually 8 days as of the labour day long weekend. Did the court loose jurisdiction? It was never discussed as Mr. Unruh refuses to fight the "Corrupt System" Mr Unruh's case seems to expose more than a few Charter violations as well yet he will not argue them; along with the non compliance of the rules of court by the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program lawyers. He is a non-confrontational person.

Today Hunter stated a definite sentence for Mr. Unruh, and that the incarceration shall end on October 4th 2001, with the condition that he show up in court in Prince George B.C. on December 11th. Mr Unruh will be required on that date to state what he has done to try and pay off the more than $150,000.00 of support. Mr Unruh has paid through garnishee a total of less than $300.00 to date since the original order.

Previous to this most recent incarceration, Jeff Unruh had been incarcerated in Prince George indefinitely for the same charge of Contempt-Breaking a Court Order. He served seven months that time on an indefinite sentence. Justice Meiklem released him.

Mr. Unruh cannot pay the money as it contravenes his religious beliefs. It was his estranged wife who broke the wedding vows, and he should have to pay spousal support? Jeff Unruh says he will support his children when they are with him, and that he should not have to pay his estranged wife and her new husband to take care of his children when he is capable to care for the children himself.

Mr. Unruh says there is a law higher than mans law. Hunter stated previously that he can only go on the rules of the land (later Hunter was seen at Church). The argument of Mr. Unruh goes much deeper. I believe the Judge is simply washing his hands of the matter and is sending it to an other jurisdiction as the matter is becoming too politically hot here in Kamloops and that he does not want his name marred by the media attention. Mr Unruh was before 3 different Judges in Kamloops. Today the Judges statements were all prewritten. Are the Judges in Kamloops starting to recognize God's laws?

I wonder how long the Prince George Judges will give him again on December 11?

Todd Eckert
Kamloops BC