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Sex Survey Says 'Family Man' Image Now Popular

Updated: Wed, Sep 12 1:19 PM EDT

LONDON (Reuters) - British men aren't just after sex. In fact what they really hanker for in a relationship is love and affection, according to a survey published on Wednesday for a men's magazine.

In the survey of 3,000 men for FHM Bionic health magazine, 88 percent of men said love and affection was "the most important thing" in a relationship, while 70 percent said friendship with their partner was more important than sex.

Some 87 percent of men thought fidelity in a relationship was important, while 85 percent thought sex with a partner could stay good forever.

More than three-quarters of men said they would leave their woman if she was unfaithful.

The magazine, which described some of the findings as "staggering," said the survey showed that families and fidelity were "cool again."

David Beckham, the Manchester United and England football star and pin-up husband of pop star Posh Spice, was credited with popularizing family life among males.

"The family man is cool again," said Phil Hilton, the magazine's editor-in-chief.

"Beckham personifies the new dad who no longer buys his clothes from a camping shop and squanders his time in a shed. Modern men aspire to packed lives with a great relationship and a brood of energetic children."

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