Friday September 21 10:31 PM ET

Police: Kidnapped Girl Found Dead

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) - A 9-year-old girl kidnapped by her mother last month was found dead Friday, police said. The mother and her boyfriend were hospitalized with apparently self-inflicted knife wounds.

The girl's body was found at a campground after police ended an 11-hour standoff by storming the couple's tent. Police did not say how Rebecca Aramburo was killed.

Lisa Ann Platz, 31, and Ames N. Csucsai, 35, were taken into custody around noon, police said. At the time, both were conscious.

Platz was treated at a hospital for superficial wrist wounds, then booked into the El Dorado County jail on suspicion of murder and kidnapping, authorities said.

Csucsai was undergoing surgery for slashes to his wrists and neck, and was in critical condition, a hospital spokeswoman said. Charges were pending.

Platz shared legal custody of the girl with her father and stepmother, Jose and Angelina Aramburo. The stepmother told authorities she was dropping the girl off at the child's stepgrandparents' home in Lakewood, Wash., when Platz jumped out of a truck and snatched the girl at gunpoint Aug. 13.

Platz and Csucsai were wanted in Pierce County, Wash., for kidnapping, and the FBI had circulated a flier, saying the couple might be in the Lake Tahoe area, according to South Lake Tahoe police Officer Charles R. Owens.

Early Friday, a police officer noticed their vehicle parked at the El Dorado County campground near the mountain lake on the Nevada-California line. Officers found two handguns and a rifle in the vehicle.

The campground was evacuated and part of U.S. 50 was closed as more than 50 officers converged and tried to negotiate with the couple.

At one point, Csucsai told police ``we will not be taken alive,'' Owens said.

Investigators in Washington said Platz was accused of abducting her daughter in 1994 and disappearing for four years.

Louise Wright, of Ventura, Calif., was staying at the campground and was startled around 2:30 a.m. by shouting from a nearby campsite.

About an hour later, Wright told the Tahoe Daily Tribune that an officer knocked on their door ``and said to quietly get dressed, not to start any engines and walk off the campground as quickly as we could. It is scary.''

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