Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Mom accused of taking kids can now visit

Now allowed to see triplet children every other weekened

Olivia, Peter and Gray Merkley

STRATFORD, Ont. -- A Stratford woman, accused of abducting her triplet children and taking them to Mexico, has been given increased access to her kids.

A judge granted Carline Vandenelson visits with her children, Olivia, Peter and Gray Merkley, every other weekend, starting Oct. 20. Vandenelson last saw her kids Aug. 7 during a supervised visit.

A psychiatrist later said the eight-year-old children had a positive response to seeing their mother.

Vandenelson's trial on abduction charges is scheduled to begin later this month.

The children were not returned to their father, Craig, on Oct. 14, 2000 after a day visit with their mother. The children were found in Mexico with their mother in January and were returned to their father a week later.

A publication ban prohibits media from publishing many details of the case and court proceedings.

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