Ottawa Citizen
Thursday, October 04, 2001

Fry should resign

Patricia Whitney
The Ottawa Citizen

It has been obvious for some time that Hedy Fry has no place in the federal cabinet. Faulty judgment, rash words and an aggressive stance in the face of reasonable queries constitute her approach to her duties.

She has, however, outdone herself by remaining on the platform while the always intemperate Sunera Thobani proclaimed that U.S. foreign policy is "soaked in blood." Ms. Thobani's term as president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women led that organization to its current ineffective position in the political discourse of this country. Her recent verbal attack on the U.S. indicates Ms. Thobani has learned nothing since.

I have been a professor of women's studies for a number of years, and I am certainly a feminist who continues to believe the women's movement must be one that seeks social justice for all. Yet even I cannot think of one useful action or position paper that has emerged from the NAC since the fatal days of Ms. Thobani's tenure.

Now this woman has turned her venom on Canada once again. Ms. Thobani can be ignored of course, but what of Ms. Fry who did nothing to protest Ms. Thobani's hateful slurs on our American neighbours in their time of need? It is time, indeed past time, that the prime minister demanded Ms. Fry's resignation from cabinet.

Patricia Whitney,


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