Ottawa Citizen
Saturday, December 08, 2001

I knew grief

James McQuillan
The Ottawa Citizen

We know what's morally right from wrong to explain why Marc Lépine murdered those 14 women in Montreal or, for that matter, why Mark Chapman killed John Lennon those many Decembers ago. I certainly know the grief and shock I felt both times as well as shared with those I came in contact with, regardless of gender -- all of that was real.

It's insane to exploit these pulls on our hearts and to paint all men with the same brush as Lépine and his ilk, as a power play between the sexes, an "us-versus-them" struggle.

In a time when brave men and women are putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan against real systemic misogyny, we have this claptrap with an agenda, perpetuating the propaganda that men who read Playboy and Maxim have a "hatred of women and ... loathing and contempt for women." I guess for the Taliban the love of art, sculpture, and large stone Buddhas fell in this grey area, too.

James McQuillan,


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