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Wednesday, December 12, 2001

The traditional feminist view of spousal abuse deserved to be challenged

Victor Maltby
The Ottawa Citizen

Re: Burying the ghosts of a violent past, Dec. 5.

Columnist Dave Brown should be commended for bringing to light the dark secret that women also abuse their spouses. It was high time something was written about spousal abuse that challenges the traditional view generated by the media and feminists.

There are no services for men who are abused, and there are many documented cases of men who have been ridiculed for claiming spousal abuse by their wives.

The article vividly points out that men have nowhere to go if they are abused, or for treatment if they are the abusers. Our society's answer to women's shelters for men is jail. It is time we addressed the source of domestic violence and attempted to stop it before it happens instead of dealing with the cleanup afterwards.

Victor Maltby,

Carleton Place

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