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Dec. 18, 08:34 EDT

Poundstone on comeback trail after jail, rehab

Toronto Star

LOS ANGELES (AP) Self-deprecating humour seemed to suit Paula Poundstone, who is working on a comeback after legal troubles landed her in jail and drug rehabilitation.

She told the audience at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz on Friday night, "It's kind of strange to see this many seats not in a circle," referring to her stay at the Promises rehabilitation centre in Malibu.

Poundstone was performing for the first time since she pleaded no contest on Sept. 12 to felony child endangerment and a misdemeanour charge of inflicting injury upon a child. She completed court-ordered drug rehab and was placed on five years probation.

"This is my first night performing since I've been a criminal," the 41-year-old comedian said during the two-hour performance detailed Monday by the Los Angeles Times.

In exchange for her plea, prosecutors dropped three counts of lewd acts upon a child.

Earlier this month, Poundstone's lawyer Steven Cron said her three adopted children will have monitored visits but they will not be allowed to stay with her for the time being. He said family court will decide the children's future.

Poundstone, who also had two foster children until her June 27 arrest in Malibu, was sentenced in October to 180 days at the Promises centre, including 125 days she had already voluntarily spent there.

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