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The Province, Page A26, 09-Dec-2001

Woman jailed for sex with teenaged boys

By Barbara McLintock
The Province

VICTORIA -- Teenaged boys are entitled to just as much legal protection as girls from adults who would sexually abuse them, says a B.C. Supreme Court judge.

And it doesn't matter, said Justice Malcolm Macaulay, if the teenaged victims give their consent.

In the case before him, two troubled 14-year-old boys consented to sex with Teresa Basil, a 30-year-old woman.

"Parliament recognized that a young person is not mature enough to agree to sexual contact" with an adult who is in a position of trust or dependency with them, Macaulay said in sentencing Basil to three years in prison for her lengthy affairs with the two boys.

Basil ran a daycare for preschoolers in her home until licensing officials ordered it shut down after they received complaints about the teenagers hanging out at the daycare.

But that wasn't enough to stop Basil from having sex with one of the 14-year-olds. Neither was a court order that the boy's social worker obtained, requiring Basil and her husband, Gilbert, to stay away from the boy.

Although both boys were having difficulties before the sexual relationship began, Macaulay concluded it was "a very significant contributing factor" to their ongoing problems and may continue to haunt them all their lives.

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