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Feb. 11, 01:00 EDT

Talking can prevent domestic violence

David Hatton
Letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star

Re Tighter bail, new shelters urged by Hadley jurors, Feb. 9.

There is no denying hundreds, if not thousands, of women are needlessly abused at the hands of men every day.

There is also no denying existing services for abused women are not enough, as the Hadley jury pointed out in over 58 recommendations handed down Friday.

But to use Gillian Hadley's death as an example of abuse against innocent women is a grave mistake.

Part of what drove Ralph Hadley into a murderous rage was that he caught his wife in bed with another man.

Granted, this fact is certainly not justification for murder, but we shouldn't paint Gillian Hadley as a poor, innocent woman.

She was anything but.

The jury called for increased counselling for men involved in domestic violence, but it should have gone one step further and included women in that counselling.

Getting together and teaching discussion skills to couples involved in domestic violence situations would have gone a long way to preventing this tragedy.

But I think everyone can agree on one point: We should work together to make sure this never happens again.

David Hatton


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