March 23, 2002

Kerkorian Ordered to Pay Bills

Kirk Kerkorian
AP/Kevork Djansezian

LOS ANGELES (AP) A judge on Friday ordered billionaire studio mogul Kirk Kerkorian to pay $250,000 of his millionaire ex-wife's legal bills in their bitter child support battle.

Judge Lee Edmon gave Kerkorian until next Friday to cover what amounts to half of Lisa Bonder Kerkorian's legal expenses.

California law allows such an order because of the income disparities between Kerkorian, whose total worth is valued at $6.5 billion, and his former wife, whose worth has been placed at about $12 million.

Lisa Kerkorian is seeking $320,000 per month in support payments for her 4-year-old daughter, Kira. Kerkorian wants the judge to set the figure at no higher than the $50,000 a month he is paying now.

The 84-year-old mogul was married to the 37-year-old former tennis pro for a month in 1999. However, they had a 10-year romantic relationship that ended in August 2000.

Although Lisa Kerkorian's attorneys originally claimed that Kerkorian was Kira's natural father, the billionaire's lawyers said in court Thursday that he is sterile.

Lisa Kerkorian recently admitted that she faked the DNA paternity test by using saliva from Kerkorian's adult daughter. But she said in a court deposition that Kerkorian urged her to pretend he was Kira's father in order for him to project a virile image.

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