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Neighbour says woman discussed devil, UFOs

by Wallace Immen
Saturday, March 9, 2002 – Print Edition, Page A18
The Globe and Mail

A woman who legally changed her name to One A and said she considered herself to have been created rather than born was charged yesterday with second-degree murder in the bludgeoning death of her mother.

Norah Amy Ruth, 51, whom neighbours knew as One A, lived with her mother Ann Ruth, 92, and worked as her caregiver.

The bungalow at 135 Hanson St., south of Danforth Avenue near Coxwell Avenue, was cordoned off yesterday as homicide detectives searched for clues.

A postmortem examination conducted yesterday found that death came from a "blunt force head injury," but did not identify what type of object caused it. Police said the body of the elderly woman was found with "obvious signs of trauma" but did not say how long she had been dead.

"How could someone do that to such a nice little lady?" asked neighbour Gladys Kadry.

"You wouldn't wish for a nicer lady," said Ms. Kadry, who would regularly stop by the home to run errands for the woman, who used inhalers for a chronic lung disease and had failing eyesight. "She liked to read, but her eyes got bad. She told me she could only see me out of the corner of her eye."

Ms. Kadry recalled that One A had been away for about two weeks and returned on Feb. 22, saying she had been in Montreal. Everything appeared to be normal, she said. "They were laughing and smiling. I didn't see anything unusual."

But Ms. Kadry said the daughter had a mental problem that would change her mood.

"When she was on her medication, she was fine. When she went off, she would talk about devils and UFOs."

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