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March 26, 2002

Wife's child support claims total US$324,000 a month

Daughter's expenses include private jet, nannies and lessons

Araminta Wordsworth
National Post

How much does a single mother need to raise a daughter in Beverly Hills? According to the court papers filed by Lisa Bonder Kerkorian in her claim for child support for her daughter, Kira, now aged four, it comes to US$323,931.36 a month -- or US$3.8-million a year.

According to information filed with the court in Los Angeles, Ms. Bonder Kerkorian's US$8-million residence on Greenway Drive, handy for the Beverly Hills Hotel and Kirk Kerkorian's dwelling nearby, has a mortgage of US$7,004.46, with insurance running at US$1,016 and city taxes at US$3,344.

All figures given are per month, and are "the best estimate of the reasonable amount that should be spent in said category," according to the documents.

Then there is US$9,248.17 for repairs and maintenance, including US$5,359 for the gardener and supplies, US$240 for the pool and US$1,557 to keep the indoor plants and trees looking good.

To run the house requires a staff of four people -- household manager, houseman, housekeeper and cook, who receive before-tax salaries ranging from US$2,625 to US$4,541.67 including bonuses. The cook is the highest paid in the group.

Kira is tended to by two nannies, at US$3,425 each, and takes US$3,386 worth of piano, ballet, riding, tennis and French lessons. She attends a private school at US$1,166.67.

Toys, videos and books cost US$1,000, slightly less than the amount allocated to gifts "to and from Kira," $1,416.67.

Her clothing and shoe budget is US$2,500, while laundry and dry cleaning come in at US$1,339.

Food at home and household supplies consume US$4,300. Eating out is US$5,920, though this figure often includes food for the nannies as well as any of Kira's little friends who might be over for a play date.

Entertainment costs add up to US$2,500, including the tab for the nannies and/or friends.

Kira's birthday party, other parties and play groups for her friends are budgeted separately at US$14,083.33.

Pet care adds up to US$436 (the child is reported to own a rabbit).

The family leases two cars, a BMW 740 sedan and a BMW XS SUV, for US$2,885.

Vacations take up a huge chunk of the budget. As far as can be determined, Kira has never travelled on a regular airline, flying everywhere by chartered jet or on Mr. Kerkorian's personal Boeing 737.

The total travel budget is US$144,546.81.

This includes the estimated cost of travel on the Boeing 737 and the charter of a Gulfstream III or IV several times, including to and from New York while Ms. Bonder Kerkorian was moving her belongings to Los Angeles.

In April, 2000, a stay in the usual Kerkorian suite at the Breakers in the Florida resort of Palm Beach came to US$8,348.89.

This was followed by a trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui in June, where they stayed at the Four Seasons, US$8,808.34.

July and August, 2000, were passed close to home at a beachfront vacation property in Malibu, US$11,722.22.

In New York, the party rented a suite at the Regency, from August to December, 2000, at US$25,844.44 a month.

Another visit to Maui, this time to stay at the Grand Wailea in April, 2001, was US$7,716.67.

In July, 2001, it was time to introduce Kira to the joys of foreign travel. Renting the Villa Pamplemousse, near Cap d'Antibes on France's Côte d'Azur, worked out at US$29,296, including car rental.

Back home, Ms. Bonder Kerkorian installed a security gate ($5,833.33) at her residence and upgraded the security system, US$6,865.75.

As befits a billionaire's daughter, Kira is guarded 24 hours a day. Three guards work rotating shifts at an estimated cost of US$65 an hour, or US$47,450.

Lawyers' fees are estimated at US$16,704.99, while charitable donations were US$7,083.34.

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