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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Kid killers tried to burn school

Sister, brother admit to slaying six-year-old sibling

Toronto Sun

LEWISVILLE, Tex. -- Two siblings who have reportedly admitted killing their six-year-old brother set fire to a school four years earlier, but no charges were filed against them, records show.

At the time, a juvenile fire-setter program recommended psychotherapy for the girl.

On Tuesday, the girl, 15, and her brother, 10, admitted they killed their younger brother, Jackson Carr, whose body was found buried in a creek bed behind their home, police said.

The boy had been stabbed in the neck and suffocated, an autopsy determined.

"The sister confessed to killing her brother during an interview," Sgt. Richard Douglass said. "In an interview with the 10-year-old, he confessed to holding him down during the process of murder."

Police declined comment on a motive in the boy's death but said evidence was found in the family's home. The parents, Michael and Rita Carr, are not suspects.

Jackson was reported missing Monday evening after his brother told their parents he couldn't find him after a game of hide-and-seek.

Authorities and neighbours spent hours searching for the boy before the girl led police to a shallow grave about 100 metres behind the family's home in Lewisville, about 30 kilometres northwest of Dallas.

Children accused of crimes typically face juvenile charges; however, children as young as 13 can be certified to stand trial as adults, depending on the circumstances and crime.

A spokesman for the Garland Fire Department said no charges were filed against the children in the 1998 arson fire at Shorehaven Elementary School. School was out the day the fire was set, and damage was minor, authorities said.

The children's family also had been investigated for allegations of abuse two months ago, a Child Protective Services spokesman said but no action was taken.

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