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Thursday April 18 06:57 PM EDT

Murder-Suicide Under Investigation

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A local mother allegedly shot her 4-year-old daughter Thursday morning, and then turned the gun on herself, Local 4 learned.

The shooting happened at a home on Chapel Street on Detroit's west side.

The child, Irisha Keener, was transported to Sinai-Grace Hospital, where she died, Local 4 learned. Ira Keener, the child's mother, was dead at the scene, according to authorities.

Ira Keener called a family member early Thursday morning and said that she was contemplating suicide. She asked them to take care of her children, Local 4 reported.

Police said that the deaths appear to be a murder and suicide, but the investigation continues.

Neighbors said that Keener, 39, had been ill and had just returned from the hospital Thursday morning. But at least one told Local 4 that they were shocked at reports that she killed one of her children because she was such a devoted mother.

Keener's vanity license plate read "IRISHA."

Police continue to investigate. Officers were at the home Wednesday night because of a problem with the Keener's 17-year-old son, relatives told Local 4.

The teen was at home and sleeping in another room at the time of the shootings, police said. They said that he slept through the gunfire, and detectives do not know why he was not shot.

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