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May 18, 2002

Billionaire's paternity fight heats up

National Post

LOS ANGELES - The lawyer for billionaire Kirk Kerkorian said yesterday millionaire movie producer Steve Bing was the father of the four-year-old girl his client was being sued to support.

His ex-wife, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, 37, is claiming US$320,000 a month from the 84-year-old owner of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Now, Mr. Bing has filed a US$1-billion lawsuit against Mr. Kerkorian, claiming private detectives stole his dental floss from a trash can and used DNA from it to establish Kira's paternity.

Mr. Bing, who is already bickering with actress Elizabeth Hurley over her claims he fathered her baby, sued Mr. Kerkorian in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Ms. Bonder Kerkorian, a former professional tennis player, asked a court as part of her divorce to award her US$3.8-million a year for Kira. She later admitted Mr. Kerokorian was not the child's father. "Although it has been conclusively established that Mr. Kerkorian is not Kira's biological father and was fraudulently deceived into believing that he was, Mr. Kerkorian has financially supported Kira since her birth at a level well in excess of her reasonable needs and fully intends to continue," Mr. Christensen said.

"By contrast Mr. Bing, who is Kira's biological father, never has paid or offered to pay one dime for Kira's support and never has expressed any interest in developing any kind of relationship with her.

"Now, instead of doing the right thing, Mr. Bing has chosen to unleash a series of outrageously false statements."

Mr. Bing said in his lawsuit he would take a DNA test to learn whether or not he was Kira's father, but would do so only if the results were kept private.

"This case is about one of the richest men in the world, a bitter multi-billionaire, Kirk Kerkorian, who schemed to steal someone's DNA from the garbage and to have that DNA tested without consent in a disgusting effort to publicly smear and disparage his ex-wife ... at the expense of their child ... so that Kerkorian could avoid his financial obligations to an innocent little girl," Mr. Bing said in his lawsuit.

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