Toronto Sun

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Grandson of Mel accuser injured, mom acquitted

Toronto Sun

The teenage mom of Mayor Mel Lastman's alleged illegitimate great-grandson was yesterday acquitted of assaulting her one-year-old son and breaking five of his bones.

Fadumo Mahamoud, 19, was found not guilty of assault causing bodily harm, arising from injuries found on the child at a hospital on June 3, 2001.

Court heard that her son, Malcolm, had a broken right collarbone and left elbow and his right forearm was fractured in two places. He also had a broken finger

Justice Hugh Locke said he had to acquit the woman because the case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, noting that the child was with a babysitter the day before the injuries were discovered by a doctor.

He said there was a "remote possibility" of accidental injury.

Malcolm's father, Adam Louie, said his ex-girlfriend, moved out of their home in December, 2000 with Malcolm and he heard nothing of them until learning of the allegations in June, 2001.

Louie claims he is Lastman's grandson. His father Todd, with his brother Kim, allege they are Lastman's sons, the product of a 12-year affair with their mother, Grace. A $6-million lawsuit launched by the Louies against Lastman was tossed out by a judge last year.

Last week the Court of Appeal reserved its decision on their appeal.

Mahamoud testified in her own defence and vigorously denied injuring Malcolm. She had no explanation for the fractures other than she was suspicious of the babysitter. She said she wasn't aware of the fractures until the doctor found them. Locke said he had difficulty understanding why the mother, the babysitter and a friend failed to notice them.

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