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Keep Dad in picture

Trudy W. Schuett, Letter to the Editor
The Arizona Republic
June 05, 2002

Regarding the story Sunday, "Boyfriends often abuse, kill children":

Study after study continues to prove that children are safest in the care of their natural father. Yet somehow this message still has not filtered through to the family court system, which continues to remove fathers from their children's lives on a nearly routine basis.

In divorce cases, children become a dollars-and-cents proposition, with a father's concern for his kids equated to his ability to pay often-impossible amounts of child support. Vindictive ex-wives are allowed to violate visitation orders at will, with no accountability enforced by the courts.

The number of children abused or killed by strangers would be greatly reduced if their fathers were helped, not hindered, in being present in their children's lives.

-Trudy W. Schuett

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