Subject: (AUS) Family Court judge Nicholson wants to criminalise fathers who DNA test their children

Sue Price (MRA) wrote:

Your Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia (Alastair Nicholson) at his best in support women who cheat their husbands and the system. (I think not) Not surprisingly his views on the the importance and status of biological fathers shows quite clearly his alignment with those who seek to deconstruct and reconstruct men and their families.

Just look at these quotes. If you sit back and say nothing to protect your right to check if the child presented as yours is actually yours then you will be signing off on the slender hold we have on men's rights in the English speaking world. Any future rights you may think you have will be in jeopardy and will rapidly disappear.

We cannot allow the legislators and judiciary to make laws that will support a woman's attempts to defraud you of your right to know and your right to have your own children, or to deny the child his/her right to now his/her natural father.

Quote 1: Chief Justice of the Family Court, Alastair Nicholson, has called for legislation to make it a criminal offence to carry out paternity testing by stealth, using a child's DNA sample without permission.

[What more right/permission does a person need than to be a child's parent. And Dads are parents! LJ]

Quote 2: Nicholson had not the slightest doubt that the child's rights are more important, dismissing the "paternity fraud" argument as one reflective of a view "that largely disappeared in the 19th century".

Quote 3: That figure (3,000 not court ordered DNA tests) surprises and alarms Nicholson, and leaves him wondering whether society might not be attaching too much significance to biological fatherhood when social fatherhood - nurturing, loving and raising the child, irrespective of who planted the seed - is far more important.

Write to the newspaper, sit on your Federal politicians doorsteps, tell the world what you think about this!

Regards Sue Price
Men's Rights Agency