Wednesday, Jun. 26, 2002

"Study: Men not reporting spousal abuse"

Canadian Press

OTTAWA (CP) -- Eight per cent of women and seven per cent of men experienced at least one incident of spousal violence, says a study based on information collected between 1994 and 1999.

Statistics Canada says that although men reported being victims of spousal violence, figures indicate the nature of the violence was more severe for women.

Women in violent unions were more than twice as likely as men to report having been beaten, the agency reported.

Female victims were five times more likely to have been medically treated or hospitalized as a result of the violence.

The lower reporting rates by men may reflect the less severe nature of the violence, Statistics Canada said. It may also be that social services for male victims are not be as widely available.

The most commonly reported emotional consequence for both men and women victims of spousal violence was being upset, confused and frustrated.

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