The Irish Examiner

June 25, 2002

Fathers are the real victims of our family court system

The Canadian state gallops on in its determination to destroy the family and civilised society itself.

Roger Eldridge, Irish Examiner

Their Ontario Court of Appeal has just decided that: “A mother, whether married or not, has the right to choose to give her child her own surname alone, even if the father disagrees.

She can choose not to acknowledge the father for the purposes of naming the child, even though she knows who the father is and may be living with the father.”

To give his name to his children is the main reason that a man is willing to offer his life as a sacrifice in signing up for marriage. The deal is that he will go out to work every day and put the welfare of his wife and children before his own.

In return, all he requires is the respect of his wife and children and, importantly, the recognition from his community and from the state. A measure of his worth as a father is determined by his ability to raise his children as ‘good citizens’.

To achieve this the father disciplines (real meaning is to instruct) his children — ie the tendency is that for the majority of parents it is the father who teaches them how to play the rules of the ‘games’ — called democracy, called the justice system, called good manners or how to behave in a socially acceptable way.

How well or badly his children play those games is reflected on him through the fact that his children bear his name.

This gives HIM an incentive to ensure that HIS children with HIS name behave themselves. According to Ireland’s leading feminist, Maureen Gaffney, women do not believe in rules.

This explains why, in general, mothers do not exhibit the tendency to set up or adhere to a structured set of rules themselves or explain to their children the vital underlying concepts and need for their own children to obey other people’s rules. Ninety-nine per cent of all social structures (ie. elaborate versions of games with rules, penalties, referees, trophies, etc) were invented and put into practice by men.

The Canadian decision is in line with what is happening here in Ireland in the so-called Family Courts. These places flout all the normal rules of justice. They take place in secret, where justice obviously can not be seen to be done.

No written records are made of what happens and orders are written by solicitors rather than judges. In this way they can offer a cast iron guarantee that the mother will receive sole custody of the children and the family home and an income etc, It is this promise that entices in an ever increasing stream of mothers. Without that guarantee very few mothers would go near the courts (or separate) for fear of losing contact with their children.

By almost guaranteeing that the mother will receive sole custody of the children and disrespecting fathers in this way, the Irish State is allied to Canada in seeking to achieve the feminist goal of the destruction of all family life.

For the sake of our family’s future, indeed for that of society in general, I call on all good men and women to denounce Family Courts in Ireland and have them declared illegal.

Roger Eldridge,
National Men’s Council of Ireland,
Co Roscommon

Irish Examiner, 2002, Thomas Crosbie Media, TCH