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June 15, 2002

Chretien panned by angry mom

By NICOLE MacINTYRE -- Sun Media

 STRATFORD -- Prime Minister Jean Chretien was treated like a star when he took to the stage in this theatre town yesterday -- except by controversial mom Carlene Vandenelsen.

 "I gave him one finger and he gave me two and I said no, we'll stick to one finger for now ... and it wasn't a thumbs up."

 Vandenelsen, who made headlines when she was accused of kidnapping her triplets in 2000, said she wanted to tell Chretien what she thought of his politics.

 "He has completely ignored the systematic abuse, the psychological rape and the exploitation that occurs in the family court of law," said Vandenelsen, who was found not guilty of abduction this year.

 Earlier this month, Vandenelsen's house was sold by auction to raise money she owes to the Family Responsibility Office and her ex-husband.

 Vandenelsen is writing a book about her experience and said she'll blame Chretien.

 "He's making billions of dollars from families, he's ruining them, he's destroying them and I am going to expose him."

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