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Thursday, June 27, 2002

A jab at violence

Study says parents most worried about what kids see

Toronto Sun

More than one in four parents feel their children are exposed to violence often or all the time and they are most concerned about violence at school, on TV and in movies, says a study released yesterday.

The study found 83% of parents reported being worried about violence in TV and movies. School violence worried 83% of parents, 37% say they were very worried.

"Parents are probably the single most important part of the puzzle in solving the problem of violence and aggression in our culture," said Fred Matthews, director of Central Toronto Youth Services.

The study, done from December 2001 to this January, involved 1,021 parents across Canada. It was developed by the Canadian Council on Social Development and Family Service Canada and sponsored by Nestle Canada.


More than 65% of parents said they were concerned about violence in the community and 68% were concerned about violence on computer/video games and on the Internet.

Parents were least concerned with fighting with siblings (7%) and aggressive sports (13%).

That finding took a few people off guard.

"We were surprised that parents did not put emphasis on (sibling and sports violence)," said Paul Roberts, the primary researcher for the study. But he added that much media attention has been given to violence on film and TV, domestic violence and violence in the community.

"So perhaps parents are in fact reflecting that in some of their own attitudes," Roberts said.

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