The Sun

June 22, 2002

Modern Britain is driving men to their deaths

Emma Jones,
The Sun

SIR Bob Geldof was a better mother to his three kids than Paula Yates ever was.

He bathed, fed and cared for his three daughters, Fifi, Peaches and Pixie, took them to school and cooked them dinner, read them stories and cuddled them before bed.

In between all this Geldof was nominated for a Nobel peace prize, got a knighthood for Live Aid and built-up a successful TV business.

Yet despite being a near-saint, when Sir Bob tried to get custody of his kids, in the eyes of the law, he was as powerless as the next man.

The courts automatically discriminated him against because he was the wrong sex. Only after his ex-wife Paula was admitted to the Priory clinic for drugs and drink was he awarded sole custody of his children.

Following the deaths of Paula and lover Michael Hutchence, Geldof also took in their five-year-old daughter Tiger Lily even though she wasn’t his own. This week Geldof blasted the family legal system as biased towards women.

But this is just one part of a bigger picture in which men are under attack from all directions.

Loss of the traditional bread-winning role, lower academic results, adverts which make them look foolish and poorer health care are just some of the assaults on manhood.

In Britain men are being treated like second class citizens and it’s driving record numbers to suicide. According to the Royal College of Psychiatry, since 1970 and the dawn of feminism there has been a 72 per cent rise in the number of men taking their lives. Meanwhile, the rates for women have remained constant.

It’s shocking that the biggest killer of young men in this country is now themselves. The politically correct lobby have undermined men’s power and confidence and the feminist pendulum has swung too far.

The glory days of manhood, when our grandfathers stood proud in the workshop of the world making steel and building ships are long gone.

Men are now more likely to work in an office — jobs which can be done just as well by women. Women enjoy more choice these days — they flit between work and family life with apparent ease.

But when men try to counter the balance by taking on traditional female roles, like becoming full time dads, they are laughed at.

It has got to ridiculous proportions — in the case of Geldof he was warned not to tell the court he loved his children because it made a man look weak. It’s not that men haven’t caught up with their new identities — when they take the initiative — like Geldof did — they are not given the recognition they deserve.

Why is it that only seven per cent of fathers are given sole responsibility of their children in a divorce?

Ninety per cent lose their homes and many are then hounded by the Child Support Agency, even though they may not be able to see their children often.

It’s no surprise that men’s health is suffering — they bottle things up and think they can’t be seen not to be coping. Even the health system is now skewed towards treating women.

Why is it that there is no screening programme for prostate cancer, which strikes six times as many victims as the most common women’s cancers.

Men work longer hours than ever, feel the increasing burden of house prices and more pressure to earn enough to buy cars and holidays.

But about a third fewer men graduate from university than women across the EU.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, the number of complaints about how men are portrayed in the media has increased tenfold over the last six years.

One of the most controversial ads, selling jeans, showed a woman keeping a naked man down with her stiletto-heeled boot.

It’s about time women stopped putting the boot in and gave men a fair deal and more men like Bob Geldof started speaking out.

Shame on hol reps TV show

Looking for a good time ... Rachael and Becky

A BRITISH tourist was charged this week with the rape of a 19-year-old Hertfordshire girl on the sun-and-sex island of Rhodes.

The people responsible for ITV’s Club Reps series, which glorified the resort’s sex-mad culture, should hang their heads in shame.

This kind of (porn) show – attracts the worst kind of men like a red rag to a bull. And it’s the girls who fly out expecting nothing more than a good time who pay the hidden price.

The teenager is just the latest victim in a spate of sex crimes in Faliraki, the island’s main package resort.

Wherever a Club Rep-style resort is set up, a place of beauty is often tuned into a cesspit of lager louts, binge drinkers and drugs-abusers.

Tens of thousands of young Britons will holiday in Rhodes this summer in search of sun and sex. It’s a place characterised by ladettes in football strips flashing their boobs on the street and strip bars.

Once immersed in the culture, an ordinary bunch of lads can turn into raging animals and the same can be said of girls.

The makers of Club Reps bear responsibility because their programme encourages young people to believe it’s OK to go to extremes on holiday.

No surprise that after the programme was broadcast tour operators reported a boom in bookings. Club Reps was an ad for a bonkathon. The show was a calling card for perverts, rapists and criminals.

ITV chiefs plan a new series of Club Reps next year. They should stop and think.They already have blood on their hands.


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