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June 27, 2002

Husband says his wife is innocent of plotting to kill him

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The Union Leader & New Hampshire Sunday News

MARLOW — Jim Galford says his wife is innocent of charges that she tried to hire her ex-boyfriend to kill him, and police aren’t doing enough to protect him from the real culprit.

“I think he’s the one that’s trying to kill me,” Galford said of his wife’s ex-boyfriend. “What do I have to do? Wait until he shows up at my house?”

Corrine Galford, 34, of Marlow, was arraigned in Keene District Court on Tuesday, charged with trying to hire Andrew Fredette, 22, of Westmoreland, to poison her husband. Fredette also is the father of Galford’s 3-year-old twins.

Fredette said Corrine Galford initiated the plot, and he reported it to police.

“She did come to me first. She said she was unhappy and her marriage was falling apart,” Fredette said. “She asked if I would help her take him out. That’s when I went to police.”

But Jim Galford said police aren’t taking his concerns seriously.

He said Fredette called his wife’s cell phone Tuesday night. When Galford tried to report the call to state police, he said the officer told him there was nothing police could do. “I’m getting railroaded by the state cops 100 percent,” Galford said.

State police Lt. James Kelly said he was unaware of the conversation.

Yesterday Fredette said he accidentally dialed Corrine Galford’s number and hung up as soon as he realized the mistake. While the two men both acknowledge they’ve never gotten along, Fredette said Galford is acting unreasonably.

“This guy’s dumber than a box of rocks,” Fredette said. “I saved his life.”

Police said they have worked hard to keep Jim Galford safe.

“We worked for three full days trying to protect Mr. Galford’s life,” state police Sgt. Peter Riesenberg said. “We feel we are on sure footing and we’re going to do everything we can to protect Mr. Galford, regardless of who he thinks is behind this.”

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