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Jul 15 2002
The Daily Record

VOLATILE Oasis leader Noel Gallagher has opened up his war of words with ex-wife Meg Mathews as Liam laughed off his latest bout of fighting.

Oasis were the hit of the ninth T In The Park at the weekend - and made all the headlines.

But before Noel traded insults with Starsailor's James Walsh, he complained about his lack of access to his toddler daughter Anais.

Noel said: "It's a f****** disgrace. The assumption that mothers are better parents than fathers is anti-male. Innocent until proven guilty? Not if you are a bloke and a famous one at that.

"There's so much stigma attached to being estranged from your kid that, for a while, I beat myself up over it. I'd see Anais and want it to be so special that you forget that all kids of that age are interested in is drawing on walls and throwing cakes around.

"When it comes to the point when I can communicate with my daughter properly, I'll sit her down and say 'This is what happened'.

"As it is, I see her every other weekend and every Thursday and Friday on the alternate weeks."

Noel turned up with Scots girlfriend Sara MacDonald, while Liam was with Nicole Appleton who brought up sister Natalie, recently married to Liam Howlett from The Prodigy.

There were rumours that Sara and Noel would announce their engagement after the pair visited her parents before heading to Balado. Noel said: "Sara has changed me. I no longer party till I drop. There's no need. She's a great girl and makes me very happy. But wedding bells, you tell me."

Yesterday, Liam was in a happy mood and laughed off his band's latest stormy Scottish appearance, vowing: "We'll be back."

They caused the biggest controversy at the festival when Stairsalor's singer James Walsh asked Noel if he'd slagged him off in an interview.

Noel replied: "I must have." He then told Liam to "sort him out".

Liam, who was arrested in Australia for head-butting a fan, grabbed Walsh around the neck and security men had to save him.

The Oasis singer said: "It's all a laugh and of course we'll come back.

"We played a cracking set and the crowd were up for it."

Oasis were one of the highlights of the event at Balado, near Kinross, where over 80,000 fans enjoyed two days of great music.

Revellers enjoyed better luck than previous years as conditions stayed dry.

Event organiser Geoff Ellis said: "The bands have been extremely good to deal with from our point of view. You always expect a little controversy with Liam and Noel, but there wasn't too much in it.

"At the end of the day these guys are only concerned about putting on a good show and I thought they were brilliant.

"We also had a very good natured audience and the dry weather helped that vibe."

Highlights on Saturday were Primal Scream, No Doubt, Basement Jaxx, Idlewild, The Cooper Temple Clause, Less Than Jake, Badly Drawn Boy and black Rebel Motorcycle Club, while fans on Sunday saw Foo Fighters, Ian Brown, Chemical Brothers, Doves and The Mull Historical Society.

The Scots band played a blinding set on the main stage. Singer Colin MacIntyre said: "I'd never been to a festival in my life until we played here last year."

Soul diva Beverly Knight also wowed the crowd on the main stage. She said: "I guess there was a bit of a culture shock for me and the fans. I didn't know what to expect, but I loved it."

Scots band Aardvark 25 attempted to play an impromptu set in the ceilidh tent, but were quickly ejected.

DJ Andrew Bone, from Glasgow, who won our competition to spin some tunes at the festival, went down a storm at the hospitality tent on Saturday.

Meanwhile, an even bigger festival could be held next year to mark the event's 10th birthday.

A source close to the organisers said: "It will be bigger with more talent from Scotland."