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Noel Gallagher criticises 'sexism towards dads'

Jul 15 2002
IC Berkshire

Noel Gallagher thinks society has a sexist attitude towards fathers.

He criticised the assumption women are better parents than men while speaking about his lack of access to his daughter Anais.

He told the Daily Record: "The assumption that mothers are better parents than fathers is anti-male. Innocent until proven guilty? Not if you are a bloke and a famous one at that.

"There's so much stigma attached to being estranged from your wife that, for a while, I beat myself up over it."

He says Anais is just interested in "drawing on walls and throwing cakes around" at present but he plans to explain things to her when she's older.

Gallagher says his girlfriend Sara MacDonald has changed him.

He said: "I no longer party till I drop. There's no need. She's a great girl and makes me very happy."

He refused to discuss rumours they're engaged.