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DeCosta back in court over restraining order

SCOTT DOLAN, Gazette Staff Writer
July 07, 2002
The Taunton Gazette

TAUNTON -- A Revere woman who lied to police last August when she claimed her ex-boyfriend kidnapped and raped her now faces a criminal charge of her own for allegedly continuing to contact the now-married man.

Karen J. DeCosta, 48, was arraigned in Taunton District Court Friday for allegedly violating a restraining order that her ex-boyfriend, George McHugh of Raynham, took out against her.

DeCosta allegedly committed the offense in Taunton on April 5, about a month after a judge threw out the rape charge against McHugh due to lack of evidence.

The court had issued a warrant for DeCosta's arrest on June 27, and DeCosta's lawyer, Mark M. Freeman of Boston, appeared before Judge Lance J. Garth on his client's behalf on Friday. Judge Garth continued DeCosta's case to Oct. 9.

Judge Thomas S. Barrett threw out the rape case after a hearing on March 7 in which DeCosta changed her story, according to McHugh's attorney, Andrew M. D'Angelo.

The defense attorney also said police, who investigated the rape claim, found numerous holes and contradictions in DeCosta's accusation.

DeCosta claimed she went to the Bay State School of Technology in Canton last Aug. 1 to meet McHugh, who was a student there, and that he forced her into his car. She alleged that he drove her to Joe T's Pub in Raynham and marched her at gunpoint into a wooded area behind the bar. She claimed McHugh bound her to a tree with duct tape, raped her and then left her bound up.

Police arrested McHugh later in the night on Aug. 1 in the Morton Hospital and Medical Center maternity ward, where his wife, Susan, was about to give birth to the couple's son.

Police dismantled DeCosta's accusation when they found her rental car in Chelsea instead of Canton where she supposedly drove to meet McHugh. She claimed after the fact that the car must have been stolen.

Authorities found no evidence that DeCosta was in McHugh's car on the night of the alleged rape. Police dogs could only detect DeCosta's scent in the woods behind Joe T's, not McHugh's.

D'Angelo said after the hearing before Judge Barrett that DeCosta testified she couldn't remember whether or not McHugh had a gun. The testimony directly contradicted what DeCosta told police initially, D'Angelo said.

DeCosta sought criminal charges against McHugh and his wife, Susan, numerous times. In each case, the charges were ultimately dismissed, D'Angelo said.

DeCosta has a 5-year-old daughter by McHugh. In several phone calls to the Daily Gazette, DeCosta repeatedly claimed that McHugh owes her child support.

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