Toronto Sun

July 13, 2002

Sclater: 'I may have crossed the line'


BARRIE -- Laura Sclater admitted to the Children's Aid Society she "may have crossed the line" when she discussed "sibling swapping" in a letter to a teen student.

Crown Frank Faveri attacked Sclater, 31, on her last day on the stand, saying she called the sexually charged notes jokes until the "sibling swapping" note came up with the CAS in a 1998 interview. Sclater has a sister and the student has a twin brother.

Faveri claimed the note could only be interpreted sexually and she had to tell the CAS "I may have crossed the line."

Sclater, who faces sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault charges, denied the allegation.

Faveri alleged the teacher wrote the boy at least 75 notes, played basketball with him, talked with him at lunch, recess and after school -- even though she had a new baby and a full teaching schedule -- because she wanted a relationship with him.

"I never made an effort or attempt to encourage (the boy) in any sexual relationship," she said. "I should have established the boundaries firmer than I did."

Sclater agreed this incident may have affected the teen negatively, but called their relationship "inconsequential."

"I feel badly for what he's gone through," she said.

"I don't agree it was abuse," Sclater said. "Abuse is about intent and I didn't intend to abuse him."

The trial continues Monday.

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