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July 27, 2002

Marlow wife indicted for murder plot

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The Union Leader & New Hampshire Sunday News

MARLOW — A relationship with an old boyfriend and greed led Corrine Galford to plot to kill her husband, according to indictments released yesterday.

According to court records, Galford told police she decided to kill her husband, James, rather than divorce him so she could keep her home and collect a $200,000 death benefit from his life insurance policy.

In the end, an elaborate plan was foiled when her lover went to police. Still, the husband she allegedly wanted dead, James Galford, remains by her side.

The story behind the story of Galford’s alleged murder plot, revealed through court documents, reads like a hard-to-believe soap opera.

Galford, 34, is charged with attempted murder, attempting to obtain a controlled drug, and trying to falsify physical evidence, according to indictments in Cheshire County Superior Court.

The affidavit of investigating State Police Trooper Shawn Skahan released yesterday outlines the case against Galford.

Andrew Fredette contacted state police on June 21 to report that Corrine Galford was planning to murder her husband, James, and that she wanted his help, Skahan wrote.

Fredette and Corrine Galford met in 1998 and began a relationship that resulted in twins, but they split up the following year.

Corrine married James Galford last November. According to the affidavit, her affair with Fredette resumed in April of this year.

Skahan said Fredette had a conversation with Corrine Galford about murder.

“Fredette indicated that Corrine had specifically mentioned her husband,” the affidavit alleges.

“He told me that Corrine had asked him how he would kill someone and Fredette responded by telling her that he would make it look like a drug overdose. He also admitted that he told her that the drug ‘Ketamine’ would do what she needed. He mentioned to her that he knew where he could get it and knew of friends who came close to death after using it,” said Skahan.

Ketamine is an anesthetic used by veterinarians, also known by the slang term “Special K.”

Soon after, according to the affidavit, Corrine Galford began pestering Fredette to get the drug. He told Skahan that once it became clear she was serious, Fredette told her he was working on obtaining the drug, hoping she would lose interest.

Then, according to Skahan, Corrine Galford started talking to Fredette about shooting her husband. Fredette told investigators he talked her out of that, but she resumed plotting a drug overdose.

Fredette told Skahan that when he asked Corrine why she wanted James dead, her reply was that she would lose their home in a divorce. Also, she stood to receive $200,000 from a life insurance policy. She is said to have told Fredette she planned to slip the Ketamine into one of her husband’s drinks.

Fredette told investigators Corrine threatened him with exposure if the plan failed.

On the morning of June 24, Fredette called Corrine. In a phone conversation that was recorded by state police, Corrine agreed to give Fredette $20 toward the purchase of Ketamine, promising to come up with more after he made the buy.

They met later that day with Fredette wearing a body wire to record the conversation.

According to the affidavit, Corrine Galford wanted to know what amount of Ketamine would be lethal.

“She did not want to administer the drug and find out that it only made her husband high, because if that happened, then she would get Fredette, and anyone else, in trouble, too.”

Then, according to the affidavit, she asked Fredette if he was wearing a wire and the transmission went dead.

Police moved in, discovering Corrine had given Fredette money and that she had ripped the wire from his body and flung it on the ground.

Since Fredette had admitted searching the Internet for information on Ketamine, police searched his home and seized a computer and disks.

In prior statements, James Galford has said he does not believe his wife would engage in such a plot. She was released to his custody earlier this month and was living with him in their Marlow home.

Bail was set at $10,000. Conditions imposed on Corrine Galford include a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, no traveling outside New Hampshire without permission, and no contact with other witnesses in the case.

The case is now headed for trial in Cheshire Superior Court.

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