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Mother jailed for killing boyfriend

Bristol Crown Court
The Bristol Crown Court jury deliberated for nine hours

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A mother-of-five has been sent to prison for killing her boyfrend during a row over her children.

Sharon Borg, 25, who killed her boyfriend with a single stab wound to the heart, was on Friday jailed for 30 months.

She had been accused of murdering Ryan Lee, 21, at their home in Ashgrove Avenue, Coney Hill, Gloucester on October 26 last year.

Earlier this month, following more than nine hours of deliberations, a jury at Bristol Crown Court found her not guilty of murder but guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Kitchen knife

During her trial, the court heard how Borg had stabbed her boyfriend of 10 months in the chest with a kitchen knife.

The prosecution alleged Borg had turned on him after he refused her daughter a drink with her meal.

Mr Lee bled to death before arriving at hospital as the wound penetrated the wall of the heart, the court was told.

However, Borg always denied murdering Mr Lee, claiming it was accident.