Toronto Sun

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

No visit for mom

She's charged with neglecting two toddlers


A woman charged with child abandonment and failing to provide the necessities of life has been denied a meeting with her toddlers until at least after Labour Day.

The woman yelled out in court yesterday that she's a good mother who left her kids with a babysitter on Aug. 16, the day they were found riding the elevator in her apartment building, half-naked and looking for their mom.

A three-year-old boy and his two-year-old sister were riding the elevator after being left alone with no food in a filthy, bottle-strewn apartment with a door open to a 14th-floor balcony.

"I breast fed them. I take them to the park. I take them swimming --they wear Gap clothes," the woman shouted out in College Park bail court after being denied a visit with her kids.


"I've never harmed my children," said the tall woman with short, dirty-blonde hair during her brief court appearance.

The little girl was found without a diaper and with her hair covered in ketchup, the only edible thing in the apartment.

The children were seized by the Children's Aid Society, then moved to be with their grandmother.

Police said the mother is a well-known drug user who had just moved into the apartment near St. Clair Ave. and Bathurst St.

Residents said the unit went from spotless to trashed in the two weeks she lived there.

The woman, whose name can't be released because it would serve to identify the children, will return to court Sept. 4 for another bail hearing.

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