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Freeway stabbing horror

Herald Sun (Australia)

A MAN died after being stabbed with a kitchen knife as he drove along a freeway yesterday.

The 50-year-old man, wearing a business shirt and tie, stumbled bleeding from his black Saab into peak-hour traffic after what police believe was a domestic argument.

Shocked drivers stopped and restrained a 39-year-old woman.

The tragedy unfolded in the middle of Sydney's Gore Hill Expressway on the North Shore in morning traffic.

Witnesses told police the man, from Lane Cove, walked towards on-coming traffic while being chased by a woman dressed in a long black leather coat and wielding a knife.

"She was running after him and was screaming and swearing at him . . . she was going berserk," said an onlooker, who watched from a nearby business.

"I saw the man had been stabbed. He was running through the traffic bleeding all over the place.

"He staggered into the cars and then collapsed . . . it looked like he was bleeding to death."

The couple were travelling north along the expressway about 8.45am when the man was allegedly stabbed as he drove.

The car stopped on a medium strip near the Pacific Highway exit before the wounded man stumbled from the car.

Traces of blood were left on three other cars that came to a stop as he tried to walk away.

Witnesses said he collapsed on a Daewoo before falling to the ground.

Insp Graham Baker said the efforts of other drivers were "tremendous" in trying to keep the woman away from the man.

"The female was restrained until police arrived," he said.

The woman was taken away by police with a tea towel covering her head.

The man was dead on arrival at hospital. Police said he had received multiple stab wounds.

Insp Baker said witnesses believed the couple were involved in a domestic argument.

"We believe he was stabbed in the car and received further wounds when he got out of the car," he said.

Last night a woman was being held under police guard in hospital while she received surgery for a hand wound.

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