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Sep. 12, 01:00 EDT

Police look into baby's death

Child returned to mother 2 days before discovery

Michelle Shephard
Crime Reporter
Toronto Star

Police are investigating the death of a six-week-old boy who died just two days after Children's Aid Society workers returned the baby to his mother.

Although under the care of the CAS, the mother was entitled to scheduled unsupervised visits according to a court order, sources said. Emergency workers found the baby Sunday morning and rushed him to the Hospital for Sick Children, where he was pronounced dead.

Ontario's Deputy Chief Coroner Dr. Jim Cairns confirmed yesterday that the baby was returned to his birth mother Friday morning.

An investigation is continuing between the coroner's office and police at downtown's 52 Division.

Preliminary autopsy results will not be released until further tests are completed, Cairns said.

The mother lives in a Wellesley St. E. building near Church St., where she moved before the baby was born.

"We're just completely devastated when one of the children dies," said CAS spokesperson Melanie Persaud yesterday. "We get very attached and this was an awful shock to us."

Persaud said they are working with the police in the investigation.

Close to a dozen coroner's inquests have probed the deaths of children who are under the care of the CAS.

"These inquests have led to a mountain of changes," Persaud said, adding that workers constantly undergo new training.

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