Toronto Sun

Thursday, September 26, 2002

'Few' T.O. domestic murders

By Kim Bradley
Toronto Sun

Spousal homicides may have gone up across the country last year, but the numbers don't reflect what's happening in Toronto, says Toronto Police homicide squad boss.

"A great number of our murders last year were committed with firearms and generally involved some other criminal activity," Staff-Insp. Bob Clarke said in response to numbers released yesterday by Statistics Canada.

"There was no real difference in domestic murders from past years in Toronto. We actually have very few."

Of the 554 reported homicides in Canada last year, 86 involved couples. This number is up from 68 in 2000.

But all round, the national murder rate and the murder rates in Toronto and across the GTA, remained stable.

Last year, there were 59 murders in Toronto and 78 in the GTA, compared to 60 in Toronto and 81 in the GTA in 2000. So far in 2002, Toronto has recorded 33 murders.

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