Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Entrants in 'Perfect Woman' contest must mend fences, change tires, stack hay

Canadian Press

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - Bar owner Stu Burt is hunting for the perfect woman. But his quest has nothing to do with how she looks in a bikini.

Burt's idea of a "10" is a woman who can mend a fence, change a tire and stack hay bales.

Those are just three of the tests for entrants in the "Perfect Woman" contest Burt is organizing later this month at his bar in the southern New Zealand town of Wanaka, he said Tuesday.

So far, 14 women have signed up for the contest at Burt's Bullock Bar, which features a $420 prize.

Among other tests for the women: backing up a car towing a trailer full of hay bales and then stacking the bails, changing a car tire and darning a sock.

"Publicans (bar owners) throughout New Zealand have been ringing in to see about entering a competitor," Burt said.

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