Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Decision delayed on third murder trial

Manitoba's highest court has reserved its decision on whether to grant a third trial to a Russian-born scientist twice convicted of killing her husband.

Sixty-two-year-old Ludmila Ilina finished her three-day hearing Tuesday before the Manitoba Court of Appeal, but will have to wait a while longer to learn her fate.

She has twice been convicted of second-degree murder for the 1995 slaying of her husband, Zbigniew Mieczkowski.

The 72-year-old University of Manitoba geography professor was found beaten to death in the couple's driveway.

Defence lawyer Richard Wolson told the Appeal Court numerous errors were made during the jury trial.

He says they include failing to mention an absence of motive, the dangers of relying on circumstantial evidence and not adequately putting forward the theory of the defence.

Crown attorney Rick Saull countered that no mistakes were made which should warrant another trial.

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