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Mums hard-working, but happy

Herald Sun (Australia)

FOUR times as many women as men work more than 70 hours a week when family and household care is accounted for, according to a new survey.

However, the women are just as satisfied with their personal wellbeing as the general population, a newspaper report on the study said today.

The Australian Wellbeing survey was conducted by Deakin University and Australian Unity.

It revealed that the majority of people who worked more than 60 hours a week were female home carers between the ages of 26 and 45.

People working more than 60 hours a week recorded a score of 76 per cent - higher than the national average of 74 per cent - on a personal wellbeing index, which measured the average level of satisfaction across seven aspects of life including health, personal relationships and safety.

Home carers reported particularly high levels of satisfaction with their personal relationships.

"They have chosen to devote themselves to their children, their partner, to home making and they are getting an awful lot out of it," said report co-author Robert Cummins.

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